Luxury Dog Walking Miami's dog walking and dog sitting services are affordable and flexible. You can choose the frequency of the visits and the length of time for each visit. This allows you to customize the services to meet your specific needs and budget.

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Dog Walking

$40 - 30 Minute Walk
$60 - 60 Minute Walk

Dog walking is a popular activity for both dogs and their owners in Miami. With its warm climate and numerous parks and beaches, Miami is a great place for dogs to get the exercise and fresh air they need.Many pet owners in Miami hire professional dog walkers to take their dogs on regular walks, either while they are at work or if they are unable to walk their dogs themselves due to other commitments.

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Dog/Cat Boarding

$100 per Night

We provide Dog boarding in Miami and are able to provide personalized care for each dog, ensuring that they get the right amount of exercise and attention. Whether you are a busy pet owner or just looking for a way to give your dog some extra love and exercise, dog boarding in Miami is a great option.

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Drop in Visits

$35 / Per Visit (multiple times /day)

Drop-in visits for dogs are a great option for pet owners in Miami who need someone to check in on their furry friend while they are away.These visits can be scheduled at regular intervals, such as once a day or every few days, and allow a caregiver to come to your home and spend time with your dog.Drop-in visits can include activities such as feeding, watering, and playing with your dog, as well as taking them for a walk or providing any necessary medications.Drop-in visits are a great way to make sure your dog is well taken care of while you are away, and they can provide peace of mind for pet owners who may be concerned about leaving their dog alone for long periods of time. If you are in need of drop-in visits for your dog in Miami, there are many professional and reliable companies that offer these services.

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